Sunday, February 21, 2010

Published in Vaginal Care 101

Women openly exchange notes about personal grooming habits. They trade facial regimens, hair-care treatments and other secrets. But there’s one thing that’s not out in the open.

By Alina Co

Vaginal care, in blunt terms. Feminine hygiene to those fond of euphemisms. Though they still talk about it in whispers, Filipinas today are more aware of its increasing importance. According to Dr. Michelle Isip, OB-Gynecologist at St. Lukes Medical Center, good feminine hygiene prevents infections. Not only can discomfort result from less than standard feminine hygiene, sickness may occur as well. So more than feeling fresh and clean, do you think you’re healthy down there? Read on if you have doubts.
(photo by David Bernabe, model: Barbarra Lee)

Washing properly
The market offers several products that claim to get rid of germs, such as douches, feminine wipes, and feminine sprays. There are also anti-bacterial soaps that claim to do the trick. According to Dr. Isip, “It is still best to use a pH-balanced feminine wash so as not to alter one’s normal vaginal flora." Wash twice daily, when you shower in the morning and before you go to sleep, she urges."

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Free Jaq! Free the 43!

Just got tagged in Facebook. My friend from college Jaq is unjustly detained in AFP. Please spread the word.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

27 UP is on February 23!

27 UP is up! On February 23, join us as we celebrate Kathrina Tiu Dy's life in 6Underground, at 8 pm. Had she lived, Kat would have celebrated her 27th birthday here with us last February 2.

Tickets are priced at P500, as this is to raise money to pay for the whopping medical bills, still unpaid in the hospital. (The ticket entitles you to a free drink.)

So invite your friends for a night of bands and booze on February 23. Have a rockin' night and help at the same time!

27 UP Organizers would like to thank the following bands for agreeing to perform for free:Mayonnaise (Monty, thank you so much! Zarina, you're da best!), Ang Bandang Shirley, Cunejo(special mention: Pablo and Julius), Landas (thank you mareng Toni for bearing with our "kulit" and texts), Domini & Carissa, our talented batch mates in St. Paul (salamat Louise...sayang walang keyboard doon), and Nyctinasty (Kissa, Sheila's friend).

Also, thank you to Ancha, our Batch Head for her unwavering support. And all our batchmates (SPCP '01) for being there for us. Overwhelming ang support niyong lahat! To all the Paulinians who have never forgotten Tiu Dy, Vangie V., our busmates, Tiudy's friends in Assumption (Dyan, Pauline, Maris), in China Bank (April, sobrang thanks!) -- the coolest people Corinne, Dana, Kristle, KarKar, it was nice to meet you all.

Hope to see you all on Feb 23 and THANK YOU!

- Ali, Torres, Kate, Chuggs, Paz, Trisha, Ivette & Diaz