Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baguio Booking (opopop!... i don't mean the gay term "booking"!)

Went to Mt. Cloud BookShop in Baguio. I realized how much I love books, especially fiction and someday, I want to have a book shop of my own. But I like the romance and mystery behind second hand books, then perhaps, spicing up the experience with tea, coffee and pastries. Hmm.... just the thought of it makes me happy :)

Mt. Cloud was pretty small but the selection of books was interesting. I love that it had zines and graphic novels drawn and printed (xeroxed!) by local artists. Prices of regular books (meaning books with publishers) are a bit steep though, not much difference from Manila. Still, the cold weather, combined with the warm cozy feel of the store, plus coffee from a nearby Cafe made the experience definitely worth it. I could've stayed for hours in Mt. Cloud, but we had more places to visit in our itinerary. But I will definitely be back!

Mt. Cloud is located at Casa Vallejo, at Hill Station in Baguio City.