Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thinking about Routes

I often ask myself, wouldn't it be easier if God just whispered to you what your personal legend is (borrowing a term from Coehlo) Just a teensy tiny hint. Or He can go visual, like if I'm walking outside and He lets me see a light shining on a word or phrase. Anything!

But then again, where's the challenge in that? What of free will, or objective thinking? I guess like most people, there's a struggle between following one's heart or mind. Follow your heart, what does that even mean? So I guess by dropping the personal legend-whispering, we are taught to carve our own journeys and choose our own paths? Sounds cliche but it's true.

Our lives, if we try looking ahead, is made of of forked roads. We can go this way or that. We can walk in circles, or some choose to just stop and rest altogether by not budging any more.

My take is that sometimes though, He lets us see this road map of zigs and zags so that we can decide for ourselves which is our way to "the destination".

Until then, the map is a senseless route and we'd get lost over and over.

Yes, I'm looking at my road map now and I'm getting nervous. But with faith, I know He's got it covered.