Friday, October 30, 2009

In Another Dress by AnnaManila

When she's not nagging me and texting me "Wtu?" (her acronym for what time uwi mo?)
she's cooking and baking, reading her favorite Anne Tyler book, shopping in the afternoon or taking short walks in the neighborhood.

Elsewhere, she's at home, updating her blog and amusing (and touching) hundreds of the readers of -- with the tagline "the best is yet to be." She's AnnaManila, a 66-year old amazing woman. And she's my mom.

With her first book entitled IN ANOTHER DRESS, AnnaManila tells the stories of a young Anna, who pined for her father's love; how an awkward kolehiyala loses the friendship of a special girl; and about the quirks of a paranoid mother whose ways can be outlandish, but often times endearing.

But mostly, she shows how life at sixty plus can be a fresh beginning and an adventure at discovering who you really are and finding deeper and more profound love in the world.

A cross between chic flick, essay collection sans autobiography, IN ANOTHER DRESS is the first book in the Philippines to feature a blog space, centering on life at old age.

And yes, did I mention that my mom facebooks, twitters, plurks, YM chats, and plants, ploughs and harvests in FarmTown?

Can you believe she even has more Facebook friends than me?

Really, I'm one proud daughter.

In Another Dress will be launched this end of November at UPISSI, Diliman. The book is published by Extempo Publishing House.


  1. She is THE techie "lola", permit me to say ;)

    Congratulations MRC, we are all very happy for you :)

  2. Congratulations for having such a great mom, Alina. I admire your mom very much. Wish i can do what she does when I retire next year, hahahah. God bless..
    BTW, how can I get hold of her book?

  3. Hi Julie and Princess! Thank you sa comments. My mom is nervous about her book, ako naman so excited! Really happy for her! I'll make another blog entry, more in depth with updates on the venue and date. :-) Hope to see you at the launch!

    To anonymous, whoever you are, I know you're probably a friend of ours who wants to remain nameless and faceless, hehhee! Thanks too!

  4. congratulations! you have a cool mom. we her friends are very excited for the launch of her first book and the next and the next and the next.

  5. I'm very excited about the launch. Congratulations to your mom. I'm very happy for her.