Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Hung- Over

I can't sleep. This could not be insomnia. More like a holiday hang-over. I've washed down the tequila, drained my savings out of ticking off my Christmas list and bid my Big Bang Theory late night marathons goodbye.

Instead of staring on the ceiling, imagining sheep, I decided to just go ahead and blog. Blog with no plans. Blog without thinking of a theme or a topic. Just random rambling. 'Cause thinking too much keeps away the fun in blogging right?

So what the hell am I thinking now? Well I'm kinda hyper, even in my sleepless state (drank too much coffee perhaps). I'm thinking of how I'm gonna get through a whole day of video editing later. Thinking of turning one year older this year (damn you calendars and new year) and what I'm gonna do about it. I thought about making a new year's resolution list but decided against it. I mean what's the point, what's the fun in that? That's why I never get to fill up my planners, 'cause I hate to plan.

I'm thinking about getting more freelance work to beef up my savings. Ahh! Thought of a solution, what if I get a TV job that shoots only during weekends? Like a live broadcast. Perhaps just one or two meetings on weekdays, but how do I find a raket like that? Buying a video camera and have it rented out PLUS I get to make my videos and films for free! I'm thinking of drinking a sleeping pill but I get too groggy and I almost fall down my bed. How I've got only three days to lose weight for my friend's wedding, good luck with that! My dress is aqua blue with rhinestones, real pretty. I'm excited to see my friend after....around four years I guess? I must have a pimple now, I mean it's 5 am and I'm still wide awake, blogging and Facebooking. I need to rest!

But thoughts are flowing like crazy this morning and I haven't eaten breakfast yet!

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