Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Learn Something New. That's it, pansit!

Finally!!!! Can't believe I AM BLOGGING...again. It's been a while. From the start of 2011 up to the end of March, it was non-stop school and work for me. Overflowing readings and papers, classes to attend, scripts to voice, deadlines to beat, shoots to supervise, segments to write. Not that I'm complaining. He. :)

So anyway, since it's sembreak (YEEEY!) and I've been going through a withdrawal (I wake up at 4 am every morning, my body's way of saying it's not used to a, uhm, less action-packed schedule), I'm thankful for this time I'm able to think over things in my life...naks! In short, nagmuni-muni (what is this word's etymology anyway?)

Well, because I just want to let this out. And you know, something I can glance at when I'll be confused or depressed in the future (not looking forward to that though! haha). I just want to put on record that despite everything I've gone through since college and joining the real world, I am finally able to say that I am happy. Not WHOOPEE happy, or tearful BOO-HOOO happy. But just simply and wonderfully happy. I realized the best thing that I did in my adult life was going back to school. Because once you start working and you're working really hard, sometimes it gets mechanical and you kind of forget the point of everything: which is to learn something new. When do people get burned out or bored at work? It's because they forgot to be curious of the littlest things and getting something out of every experience. And school (masteral) taught me that. I'm taking up Masteral in Communication, the same thing I do for work, but I'm taking up lots of classes the likes of which I never heard in college like New Media, Organizational Communication, Media Studies, Development Comm. Some people will find this dorky, but, well...I am...essentially a dork. Proud to be one!

How did I go through a hell semester with three subjects (one of them's the toughest one Communication Research, which people normally take last and with just that one subject), and lots of projects to finish for work? I live by this principle -- Philosopher Vernon Howard (1918- 1992) said this:

"Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will."

It's simple, but for me, that says a lot. I can live by this statement all my life and I know I'll be fine. I'll get through life okay :)

You know when you have that feeling, that instinct that you are where you are supposed to be? That's what I'm feeling now. All the choices, decisions, both good and bad, that I made before -- all led me to where I am now, and I'm just so thankful to Him, my good friend God, my family gosh my family who really supports me (yeah I know I'm a lucky gal), my boyfriend and bestfriend Sam and all my friends. I am just grateful. I'm not preachy religious type, but yes, everything I have now, it all belongs to Him. It is in His greatness that I live.

One time, my boyfriend, who was going through a lot at work, told me he thinks of me every time he's on the verge of exploding. He told me if I get through all the things I do, why can't he? My heart almost melted. I almost cried :(

I guess every time I hear it from him and my friends that they draw strength from me, that toughens me up. I draw strength from them as well. It's a a circle of bonding and strength that has no end.

Some people might judge me and say why I'm not getting married yet, you know having kids and all that jazz, how can I possibly explain to them all these? I am still exploring life, how can I give this up to give life to another human being? It's not that I don't want that, I just know it's not yet the time. No hurries!

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