Monday, June 1, 2009


(This is one of my articles that got published in Hinqe-Inquirer Magazine)

By Maria Alina Co

We dream of endless summers—of rolling hills, of bamboo trees undulating and mango trees heavy with fruit. Beautiful sunsets, breathtaking sunrises. Picture-perfect moments with loved ones. The undiluted pleasure of lying on the sand while gazing at the mesmerizing horizon, where mountain meets the sea.
Every so often, we city dwellers take a break from the rat race, pack our bags, and take a holiday in some patch of paradise. But it is usually just a respite and we have to go back – aaarghh – to run the race again, back to the traffic and the pollution. How often do we wish the idyllic holiday would go on and on. For we can dream can’t we?

But dreams are not that impossible.

The Perfect Home
Avaya Cove, Ayala Land’s first venture in leisure development, is the fulfillment of that dream. It is a residential community at Morong Bataan amidst a resort setting just two and a half hours drive from Manila. Only 20 minutes away from Subic Bay Freeport, Anvaya Cove is an accessible escape from the polluted metropolis.
And a breath-taking escape it is, being both a mountain retreat and a seaside resort. Living there, one can savor nature as its most majestic and its most pristine while enjoying modern amenities and yes, almost endless summers.
As everyone looks forward to a great summer, Anvaya Cove gives the season an extra spice with its latest offering—The Beach and Nature Club.

Amenities and More
The Beach and Nature Club gives its members unlimited access to the Main Pavilion boasting of a bamboo café, a wine room, a sambali lounge, function rooms and game rooms.

For ultimate soothing and relaxation, city-dwellers can ease their worries away with Veda Spa and Beach Massage Salas.
Sports-minded individuals can while their time away in the Recreational Beach Area, which offers various water sports. For the more adventurous, the Nature Camp has zip lines, rope courses, ecological trails, and camping and picnic grounds.
Kids can frolic in the Sea Horse Kiddie Village, with a Kiddie Pool, and a Children’s Arts and Activity Play Center.

But for those who just want to hang out and have a classy good time, the Beach Cabanas, Pawikan Bar and Grille, the Lagoon, the Tower and Tower Bar are among their choices.

Perfect Fusion

With its vast terrain and breath-taking view, Anvaya promises to be the perfect fusion—a leisure club, a beach house and a dream haven all combined.
And yes, summer can go on and on in Anvaya…

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