Friday, January 23, 2009

Flashes of Red: a semi-short story

When Cara woke up, she saw red flashes.
The same bits of red you see when you look at the sun
So sudden, you get rashes
She dragged herself to the school fair that day
With nothing to look forward to.
At the kissing booth, someone dragged her
Her face red, acne-infested, the guy looked at her disgusted.
Paid a hundred bucks to escape being busted.
All around her, strips of red paper hanged
She picked some of them with her hand
Then walked by her lonesome to the place of the damned.
At the girls’ bathroom, it was her release
She cried in the toilet, streaks of confusion and grief.
When finally, she calmed, she washed her face
Washed her hands thoroughly with the paper strips
Then a thought came as fast as light—
As Cara stared at the red ink-stained sink.

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