Thursday, January 29, 2009

Short Walks From Masscom to Palma Hall.

When I entered UP, one of the things I looked forward to were the boys. I thought, thank God, after meeting stupid boys in High school, I'll finally meet substantial ones in college and who knows, I might fall in love.

(Long Pause)

(the fan whirs, the floorboards creak, the sun sets)

Okay, so no one came. So a year before graduation, I have already resigned and accepted maybe I'll meet HIM at the work place.

But I guess God is such a good dramatist and story-teller. 'Cause for some unexplainable reason, YOU came into my life.

And because God mastered that in literature, the protagonist has to work his/her butt off, to get his/her happy ending, he decided....well, Alina, I won't make this easy for you.

So at first, as in all love stories, we meet. You were a Philosophy Major, a 'tambay' in AS/Palma Hall-- a heart throb, as cool as ice. I was a Film Major in Mass Com-- student council leader, running for honors, a real stuck-up.

I was domineering and had a strong personality.
You were passive, almost shy.

You were a bassist and a member of a band.
I was a singer and a member of a band/duo called AlinaNaiba.

You thought Paola Peralejo (my classmate then in Mandarin 100) was over-rated and bitchy.
I blushed when you said I'm prettier than her.

We were JUST ORGMATES. But it was a real blessing we were under the same committee. Cause otherwise, what could be our excuse for talking on the phone late at night? We were discussing layouts and copies of publicity materials, but deep inside, we wanted to know how many siblings we have, our birth dates, our interests, our crushes...

I remember now, vividly, our shorts walks from Masscom to Palma Hall. I remember deliberately trying to walker slower just to spend more time with you. I don't know if you noticed I often tied my shoe laces.

I waved a shy goodbye every time I was about to go to the third floor for my Chinese class. You said "ingat!" as you went back to your tambayan on the 2nd floor.

January 2005-- God decided it was time for the REAL DEAL. Sitting on a new sofa in Masscom, we confessed what we felt for each other. Then again, the Lord said liking each other wasn't enough for love. In the end, you told me we met too late 'cause your heart already belonged to someone else.

My heart bled.

That night, we walked together to the IKOT jeep terminal near Masscom. You bid a silent goodbye as I got inside the jeepney. You turned and walked away, as the jeep drove ahead. Please look, I muttered, please...just glance so I know I still have a chance...WE still have a chance.

But you walked straight ahead. I blinked back tears. It was the longest ikot jeep in my life.

Depression came. That included crying to five different people in a day. Staring off into space during thesis shoots. Writing poems, writing a song about you (which became a famous song by the way- Eyeliner sung by Armi Millare)

And just when I was already moving on, God made the unexpected happen. He let us meet again and made us feel something. That maybe, we can work it out. He might be the one. She might be the one. God gave our love story another chance.

I held my own, passed the test and got my happy ending.

Now, we're four years and counting, baby.

Up to now, I feel mesmerized by you. As if we just confessed to our crushes, as though we had our first kiss.

But it hasn't been a smooth-sailing ride. We've been through a lot. But the important thing is....we made it. There are more challenges to come. I'm sure we're all the more stronger for them.

From being strangers, to romantic partners, we've become the best of friends.

Alina and Sam. Sam and Alina. I can't imagine life without you.

Thank you so much for your unconditional love.

Happy 27th birthday!


  1. 29 dn pala c sam? bday dn kc yan ng bf ni mara e hehehehe... belated haberday!!

  2. ang kati! daming langgam sa sweetness! ahahaha... nakakatawa lang yung 2nd photo. I think sa bahay nila Eya yan sa Antipolo. Ang haba pa ng buhok ko at medyo payat pa ako. Haay! Those were the days... May iba pa bang photos nung araw na yun? Share naman....

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  4. LA!!!! teka kelan ka ba naging payat?

    wala akong ganoong recollection...heeheeheee!

    Maraming ganyang pics si armi at ko sayo what i have here though pero kaunti lang :(