Saturday, October 30, 2010

Behind the Byline of Preview's Society Editor

Friends! Don't miss the latest episode of Behind the Bylines featuring the number one fashion magazine Preview's Society Editor Raymond Gutierrez.

Yep, Raymond or "Mond" to his close friends has been the Society Editor of Preview for more than a year. A member of an elite showbiz family, Raymond is surprisingly humble, funny, down-to-earth and most of all, real.

"It makes me grounded because as I have said, it's an environment I'm not used to. I have a boss. I have an office. It's a different ball game, I have a deadline I have to rush, I have to do it now. I have no other choice. It's new and fresh and kinda makes me feel alive, cause I've been used to the whole showbiz world my whole life...."

We know Raymond as a TV host in GMA 7, formerly in Pinoy Idol and currently, in Party Pilipinas and Showbiz Central. Most of the time, he does the interviewing, but tables are turned when Behind the Bylines gets up close and personal.

See Raymond as he juggles a tight schedule shooting a society page with Maggie Wilson and hurries to go to the airport for an event coverage in Cebu. And...uh-oh, what happens when it's drizzling in an outdoor shoot? Will the picture still be fab?

Find out on November 2, Tuesday at 9 pm. Only on Star World.

***Picture courtesy of Raymond Gutierrez.

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