Thursday, October 21, 2010


My sister and I are as different as chalk and cheese.

She's boyish and sporty, I'm kind of allergic to sports and girly.

She's a Food Technology degree holder and a resident doctor, while I'm a Film graduate taking up my masteral in communication.

One of her hobbies is teasing me about my clothes and bags and I often pester her to start wearing a dress or at least to put her legs to good use since she's long-legged.

I'm bookish, while she's not the academic type.

She's tall and morena, I'm short and fair-skinned.

I realize now we have absolutely nothing in common. But despite all these, it amazes that we are still very close.

I remember I cried when she was about to move to an apartment in QC for her studies. I missed her so much that time. I got used to talking to her every night, just pouring my heart out and updating her on tsismis and the latest about my friends.

Some people don't know that my sister has a high IQ, higher than most people. She rarely studies because she kind of absorbs everything during lectures. She graduated at the top of her class in FEU Medicine. That she's a loving daughter and sister. That when we were kids, she had always protected me. Always the big sister who looks out for her li'l sis.

I'm very proud of my Ate Mayette.

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