Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Ultimate Crush: Paolo Soler

Pre-Ondoy, I used to have this small magazine picture of Paolo Soler pasted on my cabinet. He is my ultimate Filipino celebrity crush.

I think I started fantasizing about him since his Coca-cola commercial way back in....shit, I don't remember when. I must have been in grade school. Hehe! (I wish there's a Youtube copy of this commercial, wala eh.)

He had shorter hair then. But now it's long and curly...I like! He's such a hunk, this Paolo guy. I heard he's the president of a surfing academy now, which means he has a great tan and a hot body (a long sigh...)

I've been around in showbiz circles for the past years because of my job, but sadly, I haven't met him personally yet. Kelan kaya? Friends, if you know him, introduce me please!

I'm not really into sports but for this guy, really, I'd risk drowning in the deep blue sea...:-)


  1. oi kilala ko to hahaha

  2. sino itey? pakilala mo naman akesh :)

  3. if you are not sporty, maybe you could try POI. join the classes of Planet Zips and join their monthly SpinD. you might actually meet him in person. Paolo is one of the core members of Planet Zips. he used to teach also, but now he focuses more on surfing. Best of Luck ^_^

  4. yes, sir paolo, always in stoke at real, quezon and CME Taytay.